Honey Lemon Chicken


Honey Lemon Chicken Easy + Delicious Lemon Chicken is something I just can’t get enough of! Nothing too fancy, just saucy lemon chicken cooked in one pan, with SIMPLE ingredients. This is still one of my favorite meals! Serve with a side of broccoli or green beans, maybe brown rice or quinoa, and WINNER WINNER more »


  1. Posted by jodi7156, — Reply

    I’ve used this recipe multiple times and it’s much better without the flower and a little extra bone broth. The flower just makes it slimy and gross after refrigerating.

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    Hey beautiful world of Pinterest! (I’m not looking for followers or anything of the sorts but..) I just made another account specifically for all things food! I will be posting a new meal twice a week for you guys to make at home during COVID-19. Love y’all and hope to see you guys over there! @presleighwages7

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    checkout @buffets on instagram for recipes and food ideas !

  4. Posted by franklamark, — Reply

    Cant wait to try this out! Thanks from Frank LaMark

  5. Posted by dorisskladony, — Reply

    Very nice flavor. YUMMY

  6. Posted by mr4yy, — Reply

    gosh this looks amazing

  7. Posted by sunnyonsomedays, — Reply

    YUMMY This looks good🌊

  8. Posted by kalalou_design, — Reply

    This looks SO good!

  9. Posted by localsuperstar, — Reply

    It was very tasty!

  10. Posted by jackiehuynh78, — Reply

    Looks incredible!

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